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What is community transport?

Community transport is for the many people, especially in rural Devon, that may live miles from the nearest bus route, or are unable to afford taxi fares or are physically unable to use the public transport services provided.

The County-wide community transport groups provide transport to shops, health appointments, services and leisure activities where no transport or no suitable transport is available.

What is Transport for Your Community?

Transport for Your Community (TfYC) is an umbrella organisation, which represents and provides support to a range of community transport providers, primarily across Devon.  Our key objective is to promote and improve access to these services as well as reduce outgoings and develop sustainability within our member organisations in order to ensure that community transport remains with local operators who understand the needs of the local community.

TfYC provides direct support to these community transport providers ensuring continuity of an invaluable service delivery to often older, isolated or disabled people across rural Devon.

To find out how to use these services:

Contact your local organisation
Contact your local organisation


Provides manual and powered wheelchairs and scooters to people with limited mobility (temporary or permanent) so they can shop and use town centre facilities.

  • Easy to use with training provided
  • Located close to public transport and car parking
  • Can link to Ring & Ride services

Community Bus

A bus service that provides regular, local bus journeys to a published timetable.

  • Run by the community
  • Provides a bus service where there is no public transport
  • Available to all members of the public

Community Car

A local car service where volunteer car drivers use their own vehicle to provide transport.

  • Volunteer drivers pick you up from / return you home
  • Ideal for medical appointments
  • An escort may travel with a passenger for a charge

Latest News

Community Transport Awareness Week: 10th-18th June 2017
‘Transport for Your Community’ is coordinating its fourth Community Transport Awareness Week across Devon, alongside our Community Transport group members.
More information from the local groups.

Annual Devon Community Transport Awards: Thursday 15th June
Volunteers and staff have been nominated to receive Community Transport Awards. Presentations will take place on 15th June.

Ring & Ride

A local easy-access minibus service that provides transport door to door.

  • Picks you up from and returns you to your home
  • For shopping and local services
  • Drivers will assist you on and off the minibus if required
  • It’s operated by minibuses that are wheelchair friendly
  • An escort may travel with a passenger for a charge

Devon Wheels 2 Work

Supplies motorbikes and scooters to young and unemployed people to help them get to work, training or interviews.

  • Makes looking for a job easier in rural areas
  • Available to eligible people between the ages of 16 and 65 years of age
  • Easy to use with training and maintenance provided
  • Includes safety clothes and equipment